Friday, October 16, 2009


It's cold days here at the school. Outside temperatures certainly warrant the heat to be turned on, but we are waiting for a couple replacement parts for the leaky (?) boiler. So in the meantime: space heaters. Fleece. Cuddle up.

We had another idea for warming up the place: have a housewarming party! Lots of people showed up, and for a while the place did get really warm. (It didn't hurt that we had been baking and cooking all morning long to prepare.) Unfortunately, amidst the mingling and snacking and giving hourly tours of the school, neither one of us remembered to take any photos. Just imagine a crowded room! That's how it looked.

But I do have other photos. :-) I maybe never mentioned that this is the first place that Rusty and I moved into together. (Awww!) (And yes, this is his first official land residence after spending 4+ years living on a sail boat!) So there are lots of firsts for us. Our laundry all goes in the same hamper now. Our towels are all stacked up together. But the biggest merger must have been the merging of the CDs.

Mine were in many midsized CD racks. His were mostly in boxes! But we found a big gynormous CD shelf on sale, so presto: let the sorting fun begin!

Alphabetized by group or artist/composer's last name. This is leading to some interesting neighbors (could I say "bed-fellows" here? I think not): Vaughn-Williams next to Vandenplas. Kitka next to Kiss. And what do we have a lot of? Sting! Steve Ray Vaugn. And Bulgarian Women's Choirs. I think between the two of us, we have ALL of those. But the true sign of commitment is getting rid of the duplicates. Oh boy. This is it!

The same day we got that shelf, we also finally decided to get ourselves the house-warming present we've been planning on all along. Yup, and we've been playing it. It's one way to keep the fingers warm...

(Oh, P.S.: Does anyone want a couple mid-sized CD racks? They're still out on the free table...)