Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My, but summer is reluctant this year in Seattle!

But it's here nonetheless. Suddenly we have to think about watering our little garden. Hm, and the hose is where...? Too far away. The best solution would be to attach one to the kitchen sink and hoist it through the livingroom window... or walk with a bucket back and forth and back and forth. Hm. Well, there may or may not be vegetables this year!

Catching up on other news: We've done some rearranging. Remember my agony about not having a closet? I had a clothes rack in the bedroom, as well as two dressers, which made the bedroom kind of cramped and blocked the door into the hallway. I had two racks in the "back corner room" -- remember this room?
We'd never really fully organized or designated it for anything, but since it's adjoining the music studio, we made it the office, and moved the piano in there. Of course the office is still too messy to post a real photo, but here's a snapshot taken from the desk:
Hi, Gavin! Oh, what's that you're sitting on?

A filing cabinet made by Rusty. Wow!

The previous office (formerly the conference room) is now the "dressing room." Yay! Not only a closet, but a whole room just for clothes. We moved the dressers in there too, so now our bedroom is so much more spacious and relaxed -- no clutter. Just a bed. Nice.

We've been here just over a year now! We couldn't be happier. The music studio is being put to good use with rehearsals once or twice a week, our neighbors are all terrific (and wonderful cat sitters when we're out of town), and the courtyard is so great on warm summer evenings. Happy anniversary to us!