Sunday, May 31, 2009

Living while painting

We're plugging away at making out space livable. But it takes a while. The living/dining room area is big, and I didn't get enough paint... and what's more, it's an "adjusted" color for which I don't have an exact paint formula, so trying to get a second gallon to match took several trips to various paint and hardware stores. And now we want to add a contrasting color.

Here's a snapshot of the current state of our dining room. But with a final push (oh, and finding some carpeting!), I'm hoping we can move in some more comfortable furniture later this week. And then... on to the next room.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We moved!

Okay, it's time to take a break and update the blog...

The move happened. Well, the biggest part of the move happened. We are moving in several stages:

  1. Move Rusty off sailboat and into Dina's apartment -- done.
  2. Move Rusty out of his studio space and store contents in new studio at school -- done.
  3. Move Dina's apartment into school -- that happened this past weekend.
We had ten people, total, I believe, helping us, either with loading, unloading, or both. It happened in record time -- less than four hours -- which I suppose means we're getting good at this, but I don't intend to keep on practicing. This is it! No more moving for five years!

The rooms at the school were mostly empty, but not quite how we want them. We're painting everything, and need to fix some wiring. Before the move this weekend, I'd finished painting the bedroom and had started on the living/dining room. For now, then, all our stuff is in the book room/studio, while we get each room ready to move into.

I should probably explain what rooms we are inhabiting in the school:

  • Main office/waiting room: our living and dining room
  • Principal's office: bedroom
  • Nurse's office: Rusty's darkroom
  • Kitchen: kitchen. (Was it always a kitchen? We're not sure... do offices have kitchens?)
  • Conference room: Dina's office
  • Book room: Music studio
Photos are uploaded here. Stay tuned on how we're progressing on making the place really cool...!