Sunday, May 31, 2009

Living while painting

We're plugging away at making out space livable. But it takes a while. The living/dining room area is big, and I didn't get enough paint... and what's more, it's an "adjusted" color for which I don't have an exact paint formula, so trying to get a second gallon to match took several trips to various paint and hardware stores. And now we want to add a contrasting color.

Here's a snapshot of the current state of our dining room. But with a final push (oh, and finding some carpeting!), I'm hoping we can move in some more comfortable furniture later this week. And then... on to the next room.

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  1. Dina, I love getting to hear about the progress of your moving in and also getting to see photos since we live at opposite ends of the hall. I am so glad you and Rusty are living here! If there is anyway I can do to help you settle in, please let me know. Liz