Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm not loving it...

Ok, here's why painting the living/dining room is taking so long:

The structure of the school is supported by heavy cement beams and pillars, either standing free or being part of a wall. Each room therefore has these beams jutting out in the ceilings or at the top of the walls. How to paint this? At first I thought I didn't want the headache of figuring out a color scheme (I'd already rescued the bedroom from a white wall/green beam blend), but then Rusty and I thought we should just try it. So on top of our lovely yummy wall color (which I now call "sunny delight"), we tried what I thought would be a red, brick-like accent color.

Result: yuck.

I don't know -- it reminds me of several fast food chains at once. Or bright cartoons. It's not primary red/primary yellow, but the combination is just too... foody. As I put it on I suddenly wanted some cream of tomato soup. Rusty thought it looked like pumpkin.

What do you think?

So we're back to where we were: let's just go yellow all the way up. Leaving the beams white lowers the appearance of the ceilings, and we love the high ceilings. I'll still paint the door frames and window trim white, for *some* contrast.

Any other clever ideas before I climb back on the ladder?

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  1. I love the sunshine yellow! I like the red, yellow, & blue combination. If it really bothers you, one solution would be to do what Joline has done which is to paint a pattern on parts of the you could paint spirals, drums, notes, pens, bicycles, or whatever on the red. Maybe that will make it too busy. You should come see Joline's studio so you can see what I am talking about. I painted my ceiling and beams the same color as my room only added a bit of white so there is a slight contrast. Liz