Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dos and Don'ts when driving with paint

  • DO: hammer the paint lid shut solidly before you put it in your car.
  • DO: check and see what fell over in the trunk when you are driving with half-full paint cans in your trunk. (Or: DON'T wait to check, only to discover the spill when you finally get home after running errands all day.)
  • DON'T: attempt to wipe the spill up with rags. It will take forever, and you'll spend much more time rinsing out rags than actually wiping up paint. And you won't get it all.
  • DO: drive to a self-service car wash, after having emptied out the trunk of all the other garbage that's in there (and now yellow).
  • DO: take out the spare tire and the jumper cables before washing out the trunk.
  • DON'T: pull the trigger on the power sprayer when spraying out the paint in your trunk. It will squirt paint and dirt back in your face.
  • DO: figure out a way to drain the water/paint from your trunk. If you don't, read on:
  • DO: use the vacuum hose to suck up the paint puddle in your trunk, where your spare tire used to be.
  • DO: drive away inconspicuously as the yellow water starts leaking from the vacuum machine...


  1. What an adventure Dina! Sounds like Lucy and Ethel might have been riding with you. Glad you made it through!