Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Done painting... almost

I finished painting the living/dining room! This took, oh, over two weeks. Along the way, I
  • picked out the same identical color that was already on the wall (by mistake)
  • ran out of the color I wanted, and had it matched by a different paint store...
  • ... only to discover that, while the color matched, the texture and sheen did not
  • experimented with an "accent color" (tomato soup red) that we both didn't like
  • found out that retouching primer is a disaster if the primer is still wet -- it takes the primer right off. The "accented" section had to be primed twice.
  • altogether, painted every section of the room at least three times. Some got painted up to six times. :-)
But it looks great, now. I even finished the door frames and window sills. Then Rusty comes home last night, lies on the floor (after a long bike ride home, which is mostly uphill), and says, "You know... we should really paint the ceiling...!"

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