Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Principal's Office

Confession: I keep wanting to blog more about our space. But very little of it is in a state that I feel comfortable taking a picture of and sharing publicly.

Oh, it's not a pigsty. It's ok. But you know, it's not *neat.* Cat toys everywhere. Laundry piles, dirty and clean. Stuff. We have stuff. Our desk is shared by a laptop and a desktop, and all the accoutrements for each -- how attractive is that?

Well, one room passes muster, without too much prep: the bedroom. That's because we recently moved the dressers and a clothing rack into our dressing room, which is now too messy to take a picture of... ha! But the bedroom (formerly the actual principal's office) is *just* a bedroom, which is great.

I painted the room "sailor's eye" blue when we moved in. The heating pipes (on the left) had been painted gold by a previous resident, which works great with the blue. Striped curtains from Ikea, with gold chains from... Home Depot? Rusty rigged up a kitty-proof screen for one of the windows, which is held in place by some intensely strong magnets.

Perhaps someday we'll have lovely bedside cubbies made by Rusty, but now it's cheapo canvas bins. At least they match. :-)

Through the window you can see evidence of our light challenge: We face east, and trees and shrubs allow for minimal daylight to come in directly. (These pictures were taking in the early evening of a sunny day, and I had to use flash.) But it also gives us a lot of privacy, which we love.

We wrapped white string lights around the gold pipes, which looks lovely at night, and the paper lamp is so much better than the school-issue overheads.

And it seems like every bedroom has to have its requisite naked girl art, so this is the new home of my Maxfield Parrish print that I've had since college.

Overall, a very calm bedroom, until the ceiling tiles fall down at night (I think this happened to Rusty once). Just another reminder that this is no ordinary living space.

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