Monday, January 18, 2010

Fabulous Neighbors

I've been meaning to highlight some of the other residents in our little school, and here's a good reason to get started: Lance and Trixie, whose home and business is in the former Kindergarten area of the school, just got featured as one of the top five coolest booths at the Seattle Wedding Show. What do they do? They run a pin-up photography studio. Lance is an accomplished photographer, and Trixie is a burlesque instructor, now acting as Lance's stylist. Their home doubles as the backdrop for their photos, which are all mid-century retro style. (Very appropriate, since the school was built in the 1950s.) It's an incredible place. And the wardrobe, the wardrobe...! Trixie has an amazingly fun closet. Check out their work at Old School Pinups.

Congrats on the good publicity, neighbors!

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  1. Hey Dina and Rusty!
    I feel blessed beyond reason to have met both of you at Sylvia Beach Hotel this past weekend. You both have expanded and enriched my life! Dina I am purchasing the Dunava CD that you are a part of and have never heard such unique, creative, and beautiful music like this before. Rusty, would love to experience your artistry as well! Thinking of taking the train up there sometime to see this amazing living space of yours and spend some time exploring Seattle through the eyes and hearts of two artists! Big Hug! Gaye ( Be in touch!!